2018 is alive and with us as we speak. The racing season is about to get going and let the fun begin.

I have been in the Automotive industry since the late 1960's (class B Bodyman/310 B certification) and I am still enjoying my work as I always have. Collision Appraisals has bee a large part in the last 30 some years of my career. An Official and Inspector for NASCAR dating back to WINSTON CUP Days was certainly a highlight. Still to this day my wife and I get to enjoy the NASCAR HALL of FAME for our NASCAR PINTY'S SERIES banquets and the NASCAR PINTY'S SERIES schedule here in Canada as well as New Hampshire this year. 

In addition to my spare time, we are fabricating sheet metal parts for some clients as well as our 1939 Ford project. Our latest vintage stock car project is near the painting stage and we hope to finish it in 2018. 

This year I added Mohawk College to my duties as a Post Secondary Sessional Professor in the Transportation and Academic Dept at the Stoney Creek Campus. 

We continue othe aspects of ABConsult including court time as an "expert witness on vintage automobiles"as set by the Supreme Court of Canada. Enough of me blowing my horn, I have got work to do!!!!